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Opinion: Dr. Zakir Naik may not be a Boss of the Muslims. But...

Truth Arrived - Dr. Zakir Naik may not be a Boss of the Muslims. But...  - Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah

It happened as expected. After reading the open letter of Dr Zakir Naik to the Indians, it was expected that instead of answering the questions raised by Dr Zakir Naik people divert the issue and give it another angle. Now people have started asking "Is he the Boss of the Muslims? He is just an individual.”

Now people have come up with the questions: Who is Dr. Zakir Naik? What right does he possess to talk about Indian Muslims? Why Is he taking shelter behind Muslims for his crimes? Is he playing communal card?

Soon after the release of the Open Letter, one of the online news portal instead of publishing the entire letter, they published a review of their own on the letter. Some of the bloggers have already started crying after the letter. Someone wrote Dr. Zakir Naik, ban on your NGO is not an attack on Indian Muslims. No matter what questions you ask, the fact remains unchanged. Dr. Naik has seriously raised some questions which need to be addressed. There are many questions which I can discussed here but I will just talk about harassment of the Muslims in the name of terror charges.

Dr Zakir Naik said in his open letter "People are being arrested and put in jail for 7-10 years before being proven innocent by courts. But guilty or not guilty, their lives are ruined, their families are ruined, they remain unemployed, their daughters unmarried. This is what’s happening, and this is what needs to change. People’s lives cannot be played with. If the government can misuse its authority on a popular figure like me, average Muslims don’t stand a chance. And we’re talking about 20 crores of them."

I am asking my fellow Indian citizens, please be honest and tell me, is it not happening with the Muslims in our country? If you are not aware of this issue, then research it for yourself. 

Here are the few examples:

Mufti Abdulqayyum: Arrested and portrayed as the Mater-Mind of Akshardham Temple Attack in Gujarat. The way police tortured him to accept that crime which he cannot even think of it. Police even forced him to write a letter which was later told that they found this letter from the pocket of terrorist. You will be shocked to read his entire book which he has written after he was acquitted by the Supreme Court (11 Saal Salakhon ke Piche). I am sure if you have pain in your heart for your fellow human beings then you can’t stop your tears after reading each page of this book.

Noorul Huda: Arrested in Malegaon blast. Acquitted in April 2016. The Police used to tell him openly that we know you people can't do this (Malegaon) blast. Yet we are going to frame you in this terror case. He was given electric shocks on ears and forehead. Because of those electric shocks even (after 9 years) he feels the pain. He takes pain killer for the relief. His cloths were taken off. He was beaten until he accepted the charges. My dear Indians when you enjoy the news at home “Aatankwadi ne apna jurm qabul kar lia he”, never forget how that so called terrorist was forced to accept his "crime". Noorul Huda was even threatened that the police officers will harm his family members, especially ladies. (Now you can understand what I mean).

Syed Imran: Arrested in Makkah Masjid blast and was portrayed as main accused. Later acquitted by the Court. Imran who was dreaming to become cricketer, but his parents wanted him to become an Engineer. Due to the poor family background, parents expected that their son earns some money and they can live happily. But due the false charge against him as a terrorist, the entire family's life turns in to hell. Father was demoted from his job, sister lost the job, brother was mentally tortured in school. Muslims (to prove their patriotism towards India) even did stone pelting on his house (By saying: "Masjid me blast karta he tumhara ladka"). So much so that once in jail Imran even tried to commit suicide.

The list goes on with such examples.

Recent example is Arshi Qureshi and Rizwan Khan from Mumbai. Based on one complaint from Kerala, they were booked under UAPA Act. The person who does not know where is Iraq and Syria on world map is being arrested for sending youth there. Just wait and watch and InshaAllah they will be freed soon.

What I am trying to say is, there are thousands of Muslims who are still in Jail based on false charges. Their lives are being ruined. Family members are being harassed not only by the police and agencies but by the relatives as well. Let me tell you my dear fellow citizens, we cannot feel the pain of these situations until it happens with us. When one person from the family is arrested based on any charges, the whole society cut all kinds of relations with them, even the friends delete the mobile number from their cell phone to show they were not friends due to the fear they have of police and the agencies. Nobody cares. Nobody talks.

I ask who is responsible behind all these? Aren't Muslims being harassed? Aren't Muslims being attacked based on beef allegation? Aren't Muslim sisters are being raped on beef politics? Aren't Muslims being killed for allegedly eating beef and later their family members are booked under anti-beef laws? Aren't Muslim sisters are being thrashed by Mob at railway stations? Aren't Muslims being forced to eat cow dung and drink cow urine? Aren't Muslim sisters who were raped in riots still waiting for justice and their rapists are roaming freely?

Ah, I know some of my fellow citizens tell me, Muslims are living in better condition in India as compare to the different parts of the World. I say you just "SHUT UP". If Muslims of the other parts of the world are suffering, is this argument justifies the atrocities done on Indian Muslims? Two wrongs does not make one right.

I salute Dr. Zakir Naik for raising this issue and the government & politicians cannot skip this question by asking who is Dr. Zakir Naik. Is he the boss? Sir, Whether Dr. Zakir Naik is a boss or a layman, the fact is you have failed to gather proofs against him. Yes! Dr. Zakir Naik rightly said, "If the government can misuse its authority on a popular figure like me, average Muslims don’t stand a chance. And we’re talking about 20 crores of them."

Average Muslims don't stand a chance and I have given few examples above. I am 100% sure if Dr. Zakir Naik would not have been a popular figure they would have booked him long ago. and he too would have suffered like the brothers I have mentioned above. But Alhumdulillah they have failed to do so. If raising social issues of the Muslims and speaking against injustice done to them makes a person Anti-National and Communal, Then Yes! Dr. Zakir Naik is Communal and Anti National.

Dr. Zakir Naik is not the boss of the Muslims. We do not have blind-bhakti. We work to please Allah and no one else. However, let me tell you:
  • He is the most sought-out crowd puller public speaker, not only in India but in the World.
  • He is helping poor and needy students, whether Muslims or Non-Muslims, to become doctor and engineer.
  • He is the second Indian who received King Faisal Award after Syed Abul Hasan Nadvi for the service of Islam. (If you dislike this argument, ask the government to speak to Saudi counter and protest for the award Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has given to this "Dr Terror").
  • Even Indian Express ranked Dr. Naik as third spiritual guru after Sri Sri And Baba Ramdev.
  • The UAE Government has given awards to him.
  • The Toko Ma’al Hijrah award Malaysian government has given to Dr. Zakir Naik is mostly presented to Malaysians.
  • The Nigerian government had officially invited him in Nigeria
You may ignore Dr. Zakir Naik’s popularity, but cannot reject it, and you have accepted his popularity by not framing him till now even by having such a massive Anti Zakir Naik media campaigns. You have failed. Alhumdulillah (All praises are due to Allah)

Lastly, I would like to say to my fellow Indian Muslims,

Brothers and sisters, let me remind you, there is a politician from the same ruling party who said before this Lok Sabha election 2014 - we will take advantage of sectarian differences among the Muslims. 

They don't want Muslims to get united. They don't want Muslims popular figures to be respected. They don't want Muslims to raise their voice against injustice done to them. I am sure, some media houses will invite some topi-wearing sectarian ‘Mullah’ to talk against Dr. Zakir Naik’s open letter. And in the competition to prove their patRIOTism, they will abuse Dr. Zakir Naik and try hard to dilute the effect of the open letter written by Dr. Zakir Naik.

Let me tell you dear brothers and sisters, you won't find such ‘Mullahs’ talking against the atrocities done to the Muslims. They keep silence when Muslims suffers. They only get activated when the time comes to ignite sectarian differences among the Muslims. I am not going name them you can identify them by their actions.

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