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Opinion: Rain of Injustice, for how long?

Since the day Modi government comes to power, we have been seeing number of cases where the religious sentiments of the different minority religion are hurt in different parts of the India, be it Muslims, Dalits, Christian or Sikh.

The most remarkable point that has forced me to write this article is "Beef Issue". This issue became hot since NDA government came in to power. Muslims across India are being tortured based on false allegations of consuming beef and indulging in beef business.

Recent case of Mewat, Haryana on 24-25 August 2016 at night, some "Gau-Rakshaks" entered a Muslim house, killed two people; not just this, they even raped two sisters among them one was minor. While raping they said, "We are doing this with you, because you eat beef."

Before this incident there were many cases reported in the media where Muslims were forced to eat cow dung and drink urine of the cow. Literally videos are being recording while Muslims are beaten by these hooligans. These videos are proudly circulated on the social media. There are various documented proofs available in the media against these heinous crimes.

The way videos are being circulated without strict action being taken against them sends an indirect message to the Muslims that "We are lord of this land. You need to be the second category citizens. You need to be like servants. Don’t even think of any action against our will, if you do so, the same things would be repeated on you too.” Fear psychosis is being created among the Muslim masses.

The question is: For how long do we tolerate such hooliganism in our country? For how long this rain of injustice and inequality will continue? For how long Muslims of India will be humiliated? For how long will the innocent Muslim women suffer?

I am extremely disappointed with the person who said "Goli Marni he to mujhe maaro, par mere dalit bhaiyon ko mat maro" MAN you are the PM of only Dalits? Muslims are being humiliated more than dalits on beef issue. But I salute my Dalit brothers who took on the country when few of the Dalits were beaten in UNA and forced the PM to say the above words.

Now I ask my Muslim brothers and sisters, when will you force the PM to speak against the atrocities you are suffering from "Gau-Rakshaks"?

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