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Opinion: What does Haryana double-murder and two gang rapes tell?

Truth Arrived: What does Haryana double-murder and two gang rapes tell? - Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah

“After they killed my mama mami, they tried to take me into a room. When I tried to run away, they put a knife on my child. Then four of them gang raped me,” [Muslim Mirror Report]

These were the words of one of the rape survivor from Tuda village of Mewat in Haryana gang rape case. Rape survivor broken while narrating the story of that horrific night. Zubeida, who washed the body of her sister Rasheedan after she was killed, talked about the condition in which she found the body. “Her head wouldn’t stop bleeding. There were cuts everywhere, her arm was broken in multiple places, her neck was displaced. Her breasts were also heavily bruised,” [MM Report]

Yes, you read it correct. It happened with a Muslim family between 24-25 August night and continued for three hours. Since this family was not living in human density area, the murderers-cum-rapists use this weakness to fulfil their hate desire

Why Do I see this rape incident as different from others?

I call it communal rape. This rape was done based on the hate in the heart against the Muslims. You may say that I am trying to communalize this issue, but this is not the case. The reality is, the crime was done by those people who have hate for the Muslims. While raping one of the sister the rapists were saying “you will not be able to slaughter cow this Bakrid”.

Now the questions arise in the mind. Who has given them this courage to do this task? Here is the list I present before you

Punishment Free environment:

In India those who are communal mindset are free to do anything. They don’t have any fear of the government or the law enforcement agencies. Now the government and the agencies should ask this question to themselves “why is this happening?” This communal gang rape is not new in our country. Check the reports of Communal riots against the Muslims. Muzaffarnagar also witnessed the same where more than 25 sisters were raped by such goons. 

Politicians who are trying to communalize the issue of beef: 

There are some politicians who try to communalize the issue of beef for their ulterior motive. Though some of them are into the beef ecporting business, they do not hesitate to spread violence for their benefits. 

The Government’s actions: 

Government of Haryana has recently decided that they will investigate the samples of biryanis sold in the locality whether it contain beef or not. Now Imagine! What signals these so called "Gau Rakshak" get by this action of the government? 

Government has sent a strong signal to the Muslims of Haryana, at this point of time by taking such action, don’t even try to look at cow. I say OKAY FINE! 

Now the question arises when will the government send strong signals to the people who rape the sisters just because they "eat” beef? or will the Government protect such goondas?

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