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Opinion: Should Muslims give BJP a fair chance?

When you visit a family with the offer to forgive/forget a person who is responsible for killing their brothers and raped their sisters, what will they demand? Development, education, money, ticket for contesting in Assembly election, or government job? They demand HONOR, DIGNITY, RESPECT and JUSTICE.

I am writing this piece in response to the article published in Indian express, dated May 4 2017, titled: “Why Muslims must give BJP a fair chance”, where a BJP spokesperson tries to allure Muslims, dilute their anger, and develop a soft corner towards BJP. It’s just like flogging a dead horse. In addition to that, the agenda of the writer was to spread hatred among the Muslim youths against their religious scholars, so that they stop respecting and hearing their scholars.

The the article is not worth responding as it is filled with lies and deceptions. The writer tries to project BJP as the only messiah for the Muslims and the other secular parties are their enemies. Astonishingly, I found many “intellectuals” of our community got influenced by the article which made me to pen down a response - which I don't even don't even feel like responding.

Firstly, the fact I agree with the writer is that the so called secular parties has deliberately used the Muslim community for their ulterior motive. I strongly condemn it the way I condemn the BJP. Just because the secular parties have used us, that does not justify to forget the injustice done to us by the BJP, especially the present Prime Minister, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Although we were fooled by the secular parties before, does not mean we will get fooled again by the BJP - who has clear and open agenda against Muslims.

Secondly, I feel pity on the writer and even the publishers who promote such irresponsible and unresearched article for a pity gain.

The writer asks, and I quote, "Can the Centre be called anti-Muslim after examining the BJP’s track record since Narendra Modi has come to power? You need not have much research to answer this irrelevant question.

An honest, not the BJP spokesperson, will make you count the "blessings" BJP has showered upon the Muslims. To quote the few here are some examples:

1. Dadri mob lynching happened during this regime time.

2. Muslim sisters were raped in Mewat by the Gau-Rakshaks

3. How can a person forget that Muslims are being forced to eat cow dung and forced to drink cow urine during this regime time?

4. The track record includes giving Z+ security to the Muzaffarnagar riot accused Sangeet Som, who delivered inflammatory speeches and uploaded fake videos on the social media which resulted in  Muzaffarnagar riots where 100s of innocent Muslims were killed and more than 25 Muslim sisters were raped.

The few examples doesn't end here, you need not be a scholar or a researcher to know the track record of the BJP. The list goes on.

• Yogi Adityanath is given the post of the CM of Uttar Pradesh - who openly said, if they kill 1 Hindu, kill 100 Muslims.

• Rajeshwar Singh who has said, we will wipe out Muslims and Christians from India till 2021.

• Sadhvi Prachi who announced 50 lac Rupees head money on Dr Zakir Naik.

The writer, who is a BJP spokesperson, knows very well all the above facts but he deliberately chosen not to touch these critical issues. Hope he answer the Muslims on these issues.

He further writes: "How come the self-appointed dharam gurus of the Muslim community do not remember that the Haj quota has been enhanced by the Saudi government due to the untiring efforts of our honourable prime minister?"

The writer should check the facts before jumping on to the conclusion. The hajj quota was increased after five years, for the first time, by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all the countries, and this was done on the completion of the construction work in Haram (Makkah). The BJP has its old habit of taking such credits on the results of their “untiring efforts”. So this was not a surprise for me at all.

As he talked about Gujarat and especially Ahmedabad, let me make it clear that I am well educated person, having many friends belonging to different states as I keep on traveling. The first reaction they have, by seeing me in religious attire, is of people mocking and harassing a religious Muslims. They as  "Do the people mock you for your religious appearance - sporting a beard and wearing the trouser above the ankle?" That actually pricks like a needle in my heart. They carry an impression that Gujarat is bad for Muslims. Who is the one who created this hoax? Well, I don't answer this as you know better. We are not unaware of the 2002 riots that made many Muslims to leave their own house to seek refuge in different camps and areas.

You talk about development: Have you ever visited Juhapura - the area where Muslims reside in majority? Do you see any developmental activities there? Why aren't there any flyovers? Why BRTS service is not available in that particular area? Why has the Metro turned to the other side just before entering Juhapura? Why are the majority of houses still not given NOC? Doesn’t he know about the Pirana Dumping yard which is causing harm to the Muslims living there? Is this what the writer wants the people of India to come in Gujarat and see the pathetic conditions in which Muslims are living?

Regarding education: What this regime has done with the Urdu language and the students of Urdu medium schools? Why this regime has enmity with the language which represents Muslims? The writer goes on praising BJP-ruled Gujarat and said that the uniform of some Muslim girls in the schools is more Islamic than many Muslim countries. What was he trying to convey? He could have named few schools so that it could have helped me in find at least one school. However, I would like to remind him that Muslims are forced to say “Bharat Mata ki Jay” to take admission in a school headed by the BJP Leader in Amreli. (Reference)

He talks about giving a chance! They are dancing on our heads since last 21 years. I personally don’t believe in any political party, but what the BJP has done to us and are still doing is just not forgivable.

The timeline of the article is good as the Gujarat Assembly election is approaching, but...

We need HONOR, DIGNITY, RESPECT and JUSTICE. There will not be compromise with anyone on these issues.

The author, Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah, is presenter on socio-political issues and appears on debates in Gujarati media. He can be reached at peace.moin@gmail.com

Disclaimer: The opinion presented in the article may not necessarily be the opinion of the website.

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