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"Love a Muslim Day" in response to "Punish a Muslim Day" in UK

In response to "Punish a Muslim Day" communities across the UK stood for "Love a Muslim Day".

Anonymous letter was distributed in some parts of the UK suggesting people to punish Muslims worldwide. The letter also suggested people could "win points" for various activities against Muslims, including killing.

Punish a Muslim Day flier - Truth Arrived

On early Tuesday, the hashtag #PunishAMuslimDay began trending on Twitter in UK.

There were messages circulating in the Muslim communities to be cautious of the "PunishAMuslimDay". One of the several messages shared by the Mirror urged Muslims not to go out, especially women.

Punish a Muslim Day Whatsapp Message | Mirror | Truth Arrived

In response to the hate campaign, #LoveAMuslimDay hashtag was originated by Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend).

A Muslim comedian shoots down the campaign in The Daily Show.

"A spokesperson for the Metropolitan police in London said no credible information had been received to suggest any attacks were planned, and that an investigation led by counter-terrorism policing north-east, and supported by the Metropolitan police counter-terrorism command, was ongoing to identify those responsible for the letter," the Guardian reported.

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