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NIRBHAYA CASE: Death to the convicts. The Apex Court rejected the plea, other legal options still remains

NIRBHAYA CASE: Other Legal options still available - Truth Arrived News

Crime (10 July 2018): The Supreme Court on Monday, 9 July, rejected the review petition of the three out of four convicts, who are on death row, in Nirbhaya Case. Mukesh (29), Pawan Gupta (22) and Vinay Sharma (23) had filed a review petition before the Apex Court. The fourth convict, Akshay Kumar Singh (31), still didn't filed the review petition.

However there are legal options available to the convicts that may turn the 'Death Penalty' to 'Life Imprisonment'.

They can file a "Curative Petition" before the Apex Court and there is no time limit for filing Curative Petition. The Apex Court evolved this concept in the case Rupa Ashok Hurra vs. Ashok Hurra and Another, in the year 2002.

In case the Apex Court rejects the Curative Petition, a "Mercy Petition" would be filed before the President of India, as a last resort.

In case the President of India rejects the Mercy Petition, if the execution of the death penalty is delayed then on this ground the Death Penalty may be turn into a Life Imprisonment. The landmark judgement in case of Shatrughan Chauhan & Another vs. Union of India & Others the Apex Court lays down the guidelines.

Out of six convicts; four are on death row, one allegedly committed suicide in Tihar Jail, another was convicted before the Juvenile Justice Board and is out after his three-year term. However the parents of Nirbhaya demand death penalty to all the convicts, including the Juvenile.

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