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8 year old Muslim madarsa student beaten to death in South Delhi, youth of Balmiki Camp used to harass regularly

New Delhi: Mohammad Azeem, an eight year old student of Madarsa Jamia Faridia Jama Masjid, Malviya Nagar, was beaten to death by some minors on Thursday evening (25 Oct 2018). Nearly seven youth from the Balmiki Camp allegedly attacked and killed him by punching and threw him on the bike where he collapsed.

The youth from Balmiki Camp used to enter the madarsa premises to play cards and drink alcohol. They abuse the madarsa students on regular basis for their attire. "A woman called Saroj and her husband Kaku constantly incite the local kids against the madarsa students", says the madarsa caretaker Maulana Mohammad Ali.

According the report of Newsclick, "Amar, a resident of Balmiki Camp, who was born and brought up in the camp . He said, "I don't know who has killed Azeem but I have witnessed how some people from our camp used to barge inside madarsa compound and use its premises for drinking alcohol and abusing madarsa students. Muslim brothers were really upset due to their behaviour. I also asked them not drink inside. But they would not listen."

The police say that they are investigating the matter and examining the CCTV footage of that area.

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