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Mob attacked a church and minorities with heavy weapons in Maharashtra near Belagavi border.

Kolhapur: An unidentified men, wearing mask, attacked a Christian congregational prayer in Kowad in Chandgad taluk of Kolhapur district on Sunday afternoon, in which more than 12 persons got seriously injured.

According to the scroll, “The pastor, Anil Bhonsale, said the group of armed men accused them of ‘holding conversion programmes before starting the assault’”.
Truth Arrived News: Kowad Church Attack
Clock Wise: Weapons of Attack, Christian Prayer House, Road Victim Wasiulla, Victim's Car
The Superintendent of Police Abhinav Deshmukh, told that “there is a possibility that the attack was orchestrated by right-wing activists,” reported the Times of India “We are looking at all the angles and the investigation is under way accordingly,” he added.

The attackers attacked some people in nearby villages who were identified to be from the minority communities, especially Muslims, while fleeing to Belagavi.

“They were many people on the motor bikes without number plates with the swords, rods, chains, choppers and sticks,” Wasiulla Kazi (40), one of the victims who was attacked on the way to Talguli village, told to the Truth Arrived. “One person wasn’t wearing the mask and he damaged us the most,” he added.

Mr. Kazi is admitted in the Vijaya Hospital in Belagavi, with multiple wounds and fractures. He was in ICU and is now out of danger. “The attackers had targeted the neck with the sword, but the bone of my arm got broken in an attempt to defence myself,” he said.

Truth Arrived News: Kowad Church Attack
Victim Wasiulla Kazi in Vijaya Hospital, Belagavi | File Photo: Truth Arrived
Another victim, Qamar Khatib (45) stated, “The attackers were on around 15 bikes, with black painted number plates, carrying 2-3 persons each. They abused and said ‘Ghaal tela’ (Marathi slang, which means ‘Kill him’).”

The investigation is on and there are no arrests till date.

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