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“Let’s visit the Mosque”: a campaign to promote communal harmony by Masjid Umar Bin Khattab in Ahmedabad

Masjid Umar Bin Khattab Ahmedabad - Lets visist the mosque | Truth Arrived

Ahmedabad: Around 150 visitors from different faiths visited the mosque to participate in a campaign conducted by the committee of ‘Masjid Umar Bin Khattab’ situated at Rakhial, Ahmedabad on Sunday, January 27. The aim of this campaign is to give the information about Islam and what Muslims do in the Mosque daily.

Right from Wudhu (Ritual cleansing), which includes washing hands, face and foots; to the completion of the prayer (‘Salah’ in Arabic, popularly known as ‘namaaz’ in Urdu and Persian language), everything was demonstrated slowly so that the non-Muslims can understand it better.

Some of the visitors were so emotional seeing what all happens in the mosque, they were in tears because of the misconceptions they used to hold it before.

While speaking to the Truth Arrived, Moinuddin Ibn Nasrullah said, “Usually non-Muslims wonder what happens inside the mosque. What Muslims do in a prayer? So we have come up with a campaign so that non-Muslims can visit the mosque and see what Muslims do. This helps in building friendly relations with our Non- Muslim brothers.”

Masjid Umar Bin Khattab Ahmedabad - Lets visist the mosque | Truth Arrived

There were panels that welcomed the guest with the verses of the Glorious Quran which made the visitors exultant. The panels included the verses on various topics like: the concept of God in Islam, what is Quran, free speech and reasoning, fair treatment to the workers, universal brotherhood, etc.

‘Sheerkhurma’, a traditional sweet-dish, with dates was served to the guests.

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