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Dr. Zakir Naik speaks about Kashmir, says scrapping of Article 370 is "unconstitutional".

Dr. Zakir Naik speaks about Kashmir, says scrapping of Article 370 is "unconstitutional". - Truth Arrived News
Dr. Zakir Naik while addressing the audience on Friday 9th August 2019 in Malaysia | Photo: Grabbed from the video
Malaysia: In a recent speech Dr. Zakir Naik, a popular televangelist, said that scrapping of Article 370 from Indian Constitution is "unconstitutional".

While addressing a gathering of more than 100,000 people in Malaysia on the topic "Islamophobia", Dr. Naik said that Kashmir opted to live in India after independence under the condition that "we are independent". "70 years later the BJP government - which is anti-Islamic government -  they scrapped this (Art. 370). It is unconstitutional" he added.

By giving the reference to the article written by Robert Fisk, published in the Independent, he talked about the Surgical Strikes India has done on Pakistan by saying "they may have hit the rocks and stones". He also made fun of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 'cloud theory' and asked "in which age are we living?"

Further he said that the politicians create a "fear psychosis" to win the elections and come back to power. While giving the examples he said, 2002 Gujarat Riots were "a State Supported Riots, a State Supported Massacre of the Muslims". He accuses the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of using his name to come back to power. He says "In a span of less than two minutes he takes my name nine times to come back to power."

Dr. Zakir Naik, along with his son Fariq Naik, was invited by the Chief Minister of Kelantan to address over 100,000 people in Kelantan State, Malaysia. The grand event was organised by the Kelantan State government.

Read in Hindi: डॉ। ज़ाकिर नाइक ने कश्मीर के मुद्दे पर बोला, कहा धारा 370 को खत्म करना "असंवैधानिक" है


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