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Opinion: Mr. Chidambaram! Forgot the days when you didn't had time to listen to the complaint of innocent Muslims?

Opinion: Mr. Chidambaram! Forgot the days when you did not have time to listen to the complaint of innocent Muslims? - Truth Arrived

Yesterday I saw the press conference of P. Chidambaram and after his arrest, I remembered the Batla House encounter. A few days after the Batla encounter, the Ulama Council at Jantar Mantar, Delhi had gathered thousands of people from all over the country, including a whole train from Azamgarh-Jaunpur, to protest against the Illegal Arrests, (not allowing) Judicial Enquiry, and throwing Muslims into terror. At the time of submitting the memorandum, Maulana Aamir Rashadi Sahab said that we will submit the memorandum directly to the Prime Minister or the Home Minister, and not to any officer.

Seeing the crowd and speakers, the administration decided to arrange a meeting with the Home Minister Chidambaram in a hurry. Only Five people were called for the meeting, after objecting to which, a delegation of about a dozen people were allowed to meet. The Home Minister came along and said that "you had 20 minutes, out of which 5 minutes have expired, so tell me quickly what you have to say as I have more work". Maulana replied in a terse tone and said that "if the Home Minister of this country does not even have 20 minutes for 200 million Muslims, then we should not talk to such a minister and such a government." After this, Chidambaram saheb kept listening in silence for the entire meeting. The delegation kept its entire case, with the demand to end the illegal arrests and allow judicial inquiry, as well as end the atmosphere of fear and panic created in the name of Indian Mujahideen among the Muslims across the country. To which Chidambaram Saheb told that "the investigation of the Batla encounter will reduce the morale of the security agencies."

Opinion: Mr. Chidambaram! Forgot the days when you did not have time to listen to the complaint of innocent Muslims? - Truth Arrived

Today, with the same "increased morale" when the same agencies are arresting him illegally, then I remembered the illegal arrests of our brothers in the era of Chidambaram who are now living as criminals even if they are innocent. When the people of the investigating agency were jumping into the house of Chidambaram Saheb, I remembered the broken walls and broken doors of the houses of Muslims through these agencies from Sanjarpur in Azamgarh to Bhatkal in Karnataka after the Batla encounter.

Today at the press conference, when Chidambaram Saheb was talking about the "Right to Life & Liberty" Fundamental Rights given by the Constitution in his defence, I remembered the "Life & Liberty" of the Muslims which we had reminded him in the meeting. Chidambaram did not remember at that time as he was so involved in power of ruling. He was said in the Press Conference that first the investigation should be done, then I should be convicted. Even we had said the same thing that the investigation should be done first, but why would he supposed to accept it. Today, the wheel of time has turned and Chidambaram saheb remembered the constitution, struggle, freedom, justice and the right to live, which he could not remember even after we tried to remind him 10 years ago. Time is really strong.

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