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CAA NRC: Women Protested against CAA-NRC-NPR in Belgaum

Belagavi: A Massive protest was organised by the women in the city of Belagavi against CAA-NRC-NPR. Women from different parts of the city gathered yesterday, on 5th Feb 2020, demanding the withdrawal of CAA which is based on 'religion'.

"More than 30,000 women have gathered here in the scorching sun light, not because they have received money but to express grief over the harassment done to them. It is not only about Muslims, even our Dalit sisters have also participated; because it is not about a single religion but a humanity." a protester said while speaking to the media.

One of the protesters, Mrs. Yasmin Khan, wife of a retired SP, said on Modi & Shah. "He is violating the Article 14, 15, 20, 21 and 25; and we are against it. We are all one"

"Today's protest is against the government. We have participated in the agitation against the CAA Law made by the government. We condemn the discrimination made on the basis of religion when all the religions are equal before the Constitution. Every religion is respected here. We condemn the law which the constitution doesn't give the permission." Another protester Mrs Shagufta Ladji, Women's Wing, JIH Belagavi, said.

"We would like to convey the government that we do not have any hobby of coming on the street like this. All the ladies who have participated here haven't come on the street like this before. Because of such law we cannot even sit at home. The Law is not only against the Muslims but all the people of India." said Kanize Fatima, yet another protester.

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