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CAA Protest: SIO Maharastra South Zone President, Salman Ahmad, arrested for alleged hate speech

Nanded: Salman Ahmed, president of Students Islamic Organisation, Maharastra South Zone, got arrested for alleged hate speech. He participated in the protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 on February 01, 2020.

In an interview with ANI, Salman said " Our fight is for saving the country, its constitution and the constitutional values of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. Laws like CAA are against these values as they discriminate against Muslims on the basis of their religion. Hence, Muslims and other communities must resist such a law and the fascist government which brought it, using all peaceful and democratic means available to them."
"There is nothing inflammatory in my speech. There has been a malicious attempt by some of the media and individuals to defame me by editing and promoting a small portion of my speech out of context." he added.

In a video, Salman is seen as saying, which translates as, "This thing also has to be cleared, that CAA will not exist, (BJP's) rule will not exist. If someone tries this, then nothing will be left, for that the Muslim community is ready for it and the youth is also ready for it."

In a response to 'defame' him on social media, Salman tweeted as "No matter how much hard you try to defame me and people's movement against #CAA_NRC_NPR. Our democratic and peaceful fight to save the Constitution of India and it's spirit will continue with full Zeal and enthusiasm."

Salman has been booked under various section of IPC. "A Student Leader named Salman Ahmed has been booked under sections 153, 109 and 34 IPC for the objectionable comments he made against the government and Citizenship (Amendment) Act during his speech at an anti-CAA protest on February 1." Vijay Kumar Magar told ANI.

TA News: CAA Protest: SIO Maharastra South Zone President, Salman Ahmad, arrested for alleged hate speech - Truth Arrived

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