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Delhi Violence: 'Lives and properties of several Muslims are under threat' says AIDCA

Mumbai: In a Press Statement dated 25 February 2020, AIDCA has condemned the Delhi Violence and termed it as a "Crime against the whole of mankind".

AIDCA has asked several questions to the government asking them to stop the 'cycle of violence against the peaceful demonstrators'.

Truth Arrived: Delhi Violence: 'Lives and properties of several Muslims are under threat' says AIDCA - TA News

Below is the full Press Statement:

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.

All India Da’wah Centres' Association (AIDCA) condemns the violence against Muslims in some parts of Delhi. 

Lives and properties of several Muslims are under threat. Shops are being burnt and all this is happening in broad daylight in the presence of Delhi Police. In some of the videos of the incidents from the affected areas, even Police forces are seen pelting stones along with the perpetrators of violence on Muslims, instead of controlling them. 

We (AIDCA) share the grief for the loss of lives of a Police constable and more than four citizens of Delhi both Muslims and others. Every innocent life lost is a crime against the whole of mankind and thus is totally unacceptable and condemnable and we demand that action be taken against all those who have caused such violence, mayhem and murder. 

Hasn't the time come for the ruling Government to stop this cycle of violence against peaceful demonstrators? How long will the Govt. continue to spare those who openly give threats and warnings to the Police of dire consequences for not stopping peaceful anti-CAA protests? How long will the authorities continue passing the buck between the Central Government, Delhi Government & Delhi Police for not acting against the perpetrators? Dissent and demonstration is a civil right and nothing can be achieved by pushing activists against the wall. 

We pray for Peace and Justice to prevail in this nation of ours, draconian laws are revoked, and people stay with communal amity with each other for progress, prosperity and contentment. Aameen

Imran Bin Khalil
Program Manager, AIDCA

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