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"In our country no one will prevail, only Hindus will" said the radicalised youth who fired at Shaheen Bagh.

Delhi: A youth reportedly fired two bullets while chanting "Jai Shri Ram" today, 01-Feb-2020, at Shaheen Bagh. The radicalised youth said while police was taking him away, "Hamare desh mein kisi ki nahi chalegi, sirf hinduon ki chalegi" ("In our country no one will prevail, only Hindus will")

Shaheen Bagh Shooting - Truth Arrived - TA News

This is the second incident within three days. The first incident occurred just two km away from Jamia University where another radicalised student, Gopal Sharma, from BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh shots in broad day light where a Muslim student, Shadab Farooq, got injured.

The incidents occurred subsequently after the controversial slogan "Goli maaro saalon ko" (Shoot the traitors) was raised in the campaign rally by the BJP's Anurag Thakur. Election Commission banned him from campaigning for 72 hours.

The Shaheen Bagh protest has attracted attention from across the world, where mainly Muslim women are protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019, which makes religion a criterion for citizenship.

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