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Opinion: Celebrating Independence amid fear, anxiety and mental slavery – Are you bluffing yourself?

 By: Iftikhar Islam

Truth Arrived News: Celebrating Independence amid fear, anxiety and mental slavery – Are you bluffing yourself? - By Iftikhar Islam

India got freedom from British in 1947 – 73 long years before. After which, the people have also seen a partition of the United India. Some chose to live on the partitioned lands while the others decided to live in India – no matter what comes ahead – in order to build a great nation once again.

The burden was laid on the shoulders of the then leaders who constructed the Constitution of India beautifully. The Articles were designed and made interdependent to each other so that the people of India gets justice. Everyone took part in the construction of the new India after independence. Some were genuine while the others were disguised jackals.

The construction of the society began where the people of all religions, caste and creed joined together in building this pluralist society and present an example to the world where people of all faiths coexist. While on the other hand there were some who worked for the ulterior motive to destroy the ethos of the very foundation of India.

Time passed, some of the good men succeeded in building India – a great nation, while the other group worked harder and harder and harder and succeeded in tarnishing the image build by the great engineers of India – consisted the people of all faiths. Soon there were riots in many parts of India. Attacks planned to tarnish the real image of pluralistic society. They trained the members and penetrated them in each and every important position that holds India. Later, systematically they captured the minds of the people and holds the power with them. Now, the bureaucracy, judiciary, legislative, administration, media, and public opinion got systematically in control.

What Next? The hard work of years bears the fruit. The minorities are blamed for each and every situation of the nation. Leave aside living together, the societies are formed where people from a particular faith cannot coexist. Killing in the name of identity, food, festival, god and what not! That too in a broad day light in the presence of administration where judiciary conveniently gets blindfolded with the backup of legislative which acts as a backbone and media as a PR agencies.

The great nation which got independence from the British failed to liberate itself from fear, hate, and violence. More than seventy long years could have been utilised for unity, harmony, development, care, respect and walk – rather run – towards peaceful living.

In this situation, how can I celebrate independence where we failed to liberate ourselves and are living with mental slavery? The real freedom is achieved when you are free from hate and the society becomes peaceful.


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